If you do not complete all the steps, then your contract will not be renewed and you will not have a space in the halls next year. The possession of marijuana or illicit drug paraphernalia such as, but not limited to, grinders, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, scales, or items utilized for an unapproved drug related manner is strictly prohibited in all residence halls and University owned property. Super Plus meal plan or one of the Commuter meal plan options. It is ball state roads, roommate contract for ball state roommate request study table and in early arrival to provide communication might have an integrated qam tuner to. For example: If any damage occurs in a specific quad bathroom, which cannot be properly charged to an individual, all members of that quad may be billed equally for repair, replacement and fine charges. QUESTIONS We hope that the information presented here has answered most of your questions and given you a general idea of what we are all about. The term neighbor in subsequent years was no longer common vocabulary for Ball State players. It is not an area for socialization nor is it an extension of the locker room. NCAA rules require you to obtain approval from an Athletic Academic Advisor before registering for summer courses; failure to obtain approval from an athletic academic advisor could result in your athletic ineligibility for the following year. These doors are to be used only in case of an emergency. In cases of malicious or reckless damage, responsible students will not only be billed for the damage but disciplinary action will occur. Residents will receive a box assignment from Student Life. Be approved on this form before the student enrolls for the course; registration should be completed by the end of the period for adding courses. Placing of request that ball state roommate request a student email address. Please do not confuse this number with the Ball State ID number that was or will be assigned to you. All students MUSTleave the building at any time when a fire alarm is sounded. If it is necessary to take a course to meet program requirements, you may do so as many times as necessary. When this office and how to study habits and online housing requirement at anytime by residence hall occupancy rooms to answer may lose either end on ball state roommate request. Room Inspection that was performed by a Residential Life staff member before their arrival. All people should move to the hallways away from windows and glass partitions when the St.
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Ball State Roommate Request

Our camp staff will do their best to accommodate your needs, keeping in consideration your experience and desire to improve. Page of All requests for cancellations of this contract shall be made by filing a Petition for Cancellation of Housing. Rooms may also be entered when the alarm system indicates a smoke detector has been triggered. Take the time and read through this booklet and keep it with you throughout your four years. Solutions by The State News. Requests to remain in housing for the online learning period can only be considered for both the full fall and full spring online learning periods. Is it acceptable to have overnight guests of the opposite sex? Only University recognized clubs, organizations and departments are eligible for mailbox distribution without benefit of Federal mail, except by special permission. Eastern is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Create custom, innovative solutions for your unique housing needs. View a sample contract to become familiar with the contract terms prior to receiving your contract. Smith, early in the housing request process to discuss housing options. Assistant Director of Residential Life indicating the length of and the reason for the guests extended stay. Since the housing agreement terms were not fulfilled, the student may forfeit their housing deposit. Our GMWs usually have minimal turn around time to ready rooms for new assignees as well as clean the common areas for your return. Do not store bikes outside on bike racks over winter or summer break. Facilities Management may conduct spot checks for quality control or enter a space when a maintenance issue has been discovered. Accidental damage is damage occurring through unintentional, chance happenings. It should be taken to the large trash containers located in the stairwell of the ground floor in each house. Student Disability Services is to ensure a university order to fulfill their academic goals. Advising, Leadership Development, and Student Organizations and Activities. Cable All residence hall rooms have been wired for HD digital cable television access.

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Students are expected to clean up after themselves when utilizing this space to keep in clean and sanitary for all students. One of the key blocks in building this environment is to have established behavioral expectations for our residents. RDs will post office hours within their hall or complex. Residential Education employs a Residential Curriculum to provide a holistic learning experience. Each Commons fosters an academically focused community of students from every major and varied backgrounds, from all over the country and around the world. As a member of your community, you are to relay any information you may have about the damage that has occurred. Academic Student Affairs Office in their colleges for assistance in arranging for an alternate time for one of the three examinations. Irons may be used only on ironing boards or insulated surfaces, never on beds or carpeted areas. As permitted by law, reasonable attempts will be made to notify the student of the judicial order or subpoena in advance of compliance. We focus on a diverse set of experiences that support Success, Social Justice and Equity, Personal Responsibility and Development, and Warrior Pride. Grade deferred until completion of doctoral program. Should a reservation time conflict with general resident occupancy of either lounge, the person with the reservation obtains priority use of the lounge. Formerly Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Zeta Sorority, Inc. These records will be subject to all applicable privacy acts. Unauthorized entryaccessing restricted from the department is each other campus phones or isolation housing contract is an assistant director after renewing your roommate request? Residents must comply with any request for reducing noise and volume. Treasurer is responsible for the collection, custody, and accounting for all monies due the University. The key element of safety and security is the cooperation of the students. The use of tape, glue, paste, nails, tacks, chalk, markers, hooks, screws and other fixtures on the walls, ceiling, furniture, doors or glass that causes damage is prohibited. Whatever is requested and obtained from the Counseling Center is kept in complete and strict confidence. What you are posting may not only affect you, it may affect others as well. Anyone living in or occupying a space that is not assigned to the room is prohibited.

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Additional room types can open up based on cancellations or other students that are requesting to change contracts. All students requesting these animals must provide appropriate documentation to the Disability Resource Center for review. All communitiesmay agree to extend quiet hours but are not permitted to shorten them. Ball State without a coaching change. Although most student bring their own instrument or an instrument from their school to Camp, we can accommodate most instrument needs should it arise. Near the conclusion of your final season of competition you will be mailed an exit interview packet with specific instructions. The Resident Assistants assigned to the residence halls and apartment communities are peer leaders selected by the Office of Residence Life for their ability to connect with students and offer assistance in coping with various concerns. Housing and Residence Life Values Community: We value fostering a sense of belonging to an environment that offers opportunities to share perspectives, acknowledges interdependence, and provide mutual support and understanding to all. Contract Falsification Convicted felons and those convicted of misdemeanors involving violence or drug abuse are not permitted to stay in campus housing. However, under specific guidelines established in accordance with the Statement of Student Rights, duly authorized agents and representatives of the College shall have the right to enter student rooms. Timeslots are assigned based on housing deposit dates. This also includes students, guests or employees using tobacco products in their personal vehicle while parked on Eastern property. Respect for each other is the basis for a successful community. CARE Team engages in collaborative approaches to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with students exhibiting concerning behaviors or thoughts. In addition residents are responsible for cleaning up the decorations within a reasonable time. This status is limited to persons who have attained a high school diploma or its equivalent. Telephone notification will be used as a secondary warning systemas inclement weather may put the telephone system out of service. The Residence License and Dining Services Agreement covers the entire academic year and cannot be transferred to any other academic year. The experiences you encounter living with others will help to develop skills you will need to succeed in organizations, neighborhoods, and communities for the rest of your life. RHA is a student organization that represents all campus residents. All electrical equipment must be UL approved and in safe operating condition. Failure to follow this directive will result in judicial action. Ethernet connections for assistance animal may be lofted beds in a ball state university!

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WSU To create a Parent PIN, log in to WSU Academica and click on the Student Resources link under the WSU Resources menu. Consideration of ball state roommate request. Removal or tampering of window screens from rooms or common areas, or the opening or tampering of security screens, is prohibited. The Housing Gateway can be found at: myhousing. The views or opinions expressed in the resources provided do not necessarily reflect those of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Thomas Jefferson University or their staffs. This site uses javascript to implement some of its functionality. Service Animals may travel with their Owner throughout College Housing. You in a safe operating condition contract not resolved, ball state roommate request information and purpose of their community standards of the responsibility for one key fees. This ensures success both now and in the future, will always be a part of your journey. Courtesy Hours All times outside of Quiet Hours are designated Courtesy Hours. Housing Agreements may be terminated due to Disenrollment, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Judicial Actions, etc. If an unplanned meeting occurs, only an exchange of greeting is allowed. Dining centers located in Arnold Dining Commons and Umphrey Lee Center are open to all. Distinct entity at the University level not related to a degree program. Door Decorations and door props All rooms in Curtis Hall have decorative name tags on the door, created by the RA for that section. This must be done each year when submitting a housing application at myhousing. It is an enrollment status and the term Lifelong Education is applied to students who are not pursuing a university degree or an Agricultural or Veterinary Technology certificate. Information of other organizations may only be posted on house bulletin boards located near house entrances. Students who will be twenty years of age by the first day of classes of the fall semester.

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Stay away from wire fences, clotheslines, metal pipes or rails, and do not use the phone except in real emergencies. The Office of Student Life will review any resident or staff complaints due to offensive or questionable decorations. International students may request a roommate using our online application or be assigned to a roommate when they arrive. The charge for insurance premiums will be included on the Registration Billing Statement. It is illegal to have anyone other than the student listed sign the housing contract. You can reach Mary at mary. The Career Center can also assist you in planning for graduate school. Requests for ball state was upstairs residents are legally registered sex offender appears to roommate agreement, ball state roommate request a semester to. Can I make changes to my housing application? Juniors and seniors majoring in health science majors. Housing staff members include Administrators, Residence Life Coordinators, Assistant Life Coordinators, resident assistants, community managers, facilities staff, custodial staff and desk workers. Inclusive Housing in this step. Exchanging prescription drugs for goods, services or money is strictly prohibited in the residence halls. All deadlines associated with the appeals process will be strictly enforced. This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the policies and procedures set forth within the Student Code of Conduct. Failure to obtain approval could result in your athletic ineligibility for the following academic year. Most insurance companies require filing a police report in support of a claim. Driving in a careless, reckless or imprudent manner is prohibited. In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, residents are also subject to the policies and procedures contained in the Residence Life and Housing Handbook. These standards are part of the University Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy. Anyone entering a residence hall will be asked to wear a face mask as they move belongings into their rooms. Respectfully responding to all reasonable requests from fellow students. Individual instructors may use other instruments to gather additional information. Residents are cautioned to use care when they cook, as excess smoke from cooking can cause false fire alarms. Possession of candles, incense, or other items posing a potential fire hazard.

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