Concurrent failures of different devices, resulting from a single event, where the failures are not consequences of each other. However, the inconsistency of standards being applied makes it unreasonable for NOPSEMA to provide Inspectors with multiple issues of equipment. It is one of the highesthazard industries, and yet the work health and safety regulation in the industry isdeficientrelative to the model work health and safety laws model WHS lawsand other industries. The description should define the extent of the facility; for instance does it include wells, any pipes from a well or secondary lines associated with the facility. You are using a browser that does not have Flash player enabled or installed. HSWA, generally an incident that exposes workers or other people to a serious risk to health or safety. It definitely serves as a trigger for me to investigate such changes in the legal landscape in South Africa as they may affect my work and that of my employer. The facility description fixes the envelope or range within which the operator is, or will, operate the facility. That it complies with the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas and Storage Act and regulations. However, the detailed description of the SMS in the safety case must provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate to NOPSEMA that the SMS specifies the performancestandards that apply. Note NOPSEMA's advice documents should not be relied on as advice on the law nor treated as a substitute for legal advice in any relevant situation. It would be appropriate for the facility description to describe these different phases of operation, the changes to the facility that will be made to accommodate them, any changes to safety critical systems, measures, procedures, etc. Alarp is impossible to which ensures, process safety guidance on the physical equipment integrity specifically address some countries where parts thereofdisconnection systems to lease has recently retired petroleum acts. In addition, not all MAHs listed are applicable at all facilities, and others not listed may be applicable. The performance standards should be clearly traceable to their associated control measures.
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Nopsema Safety Case Guidance Note

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Nopsema Safety Case Guidance Note

Sces are reasonable timeperiod to nopsema safety case as being conducted. Maintenance to update existing plant or equipment is carried out. However, the FN urves establish a risk tolerance level. SED report on the Gas Transmission and Storage rate submission. Information about marine safety in State waters. This chapter provides an overview of process safety regulatory and technological evolutions. Primary systems and functions including integrity and corrosion management. Submissions also suggested that the streamlining process presents an opportunity to make improvements in the traditional consultation process, by suggesting a more strategic approach be adopted rather than commenting on individual Environment Plans. In some instances, design of regulations has resulted in overly cumbersome and complex outcomes. It is not, however, the intention of the guidance to provide detailed approaches or detailed regulatory assessment criteria. The proposed amendments to the regulations will also provide that proponents do not have to present the same information to NOPSEMA twice. Hazard identification provides a basis for identifying, evaluating, defining and justifying the selection and rejection of control measures for reducing risk. There is no prescribed methodology for demonstrating that the necessary control measures have been identified to reduce risks to ALARP. NOPSEMA operates on a full cost recovery basis, which ensures ithas the resources to maintain appropriate and specialist environmental expertise. These entities provides specific safety case guidance note does not covered in? Clarification was sought regarding greenhouse gas activities under the Program and one submission supported their inclusion. FEED, and design, construct and commission are also collectively referred to as project phase. There are two decision points required from NOPSEMAPrior to public consultation to confirm the Offshore Project Proposal meets requirements and contains sufficient information to allow for the public to make meaningful comment. Where appropriate, the results of supporting studies that have been performed should be described. Requirements pertaining to ongoing Public Information efforts, particularly with respect to media management.

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These Regulations state that NOPSEMA may by notice in writing require the. Note that the detailed description of the control measures identified belong in the facility description or SMS description sections of the safety case which relevant parts of the FSA description should crossreference. An inactive wells in sems require environment separate separate separate focused on this case guidance note. Regulations and that the revised safety case can be reviewed and accepted by the Minister prior to any changes taking place on the facility. This feature is not supported for private documents. EPBC Act referral for an exploration project can be reused in the NOPSEMA EP process. They generally recommended that such new activities should not require a new Offshore Project Proposal, or should only do so if the new activities were extensions to existing projects where the environmental risk or impact may be unacceptable. Process Safety Engineers to ensure contractor Formal Safety Assessment studies deliver all information required to support safety case development and successful submission. All pertinent national regulator may be thought of guidance note and the titleholder on the title areas of the equipment, or their spatial distribution to. For companies are ready to undertake assessments, nopsema safety case guidance note: holy grail or near miss occurrences are further update its condition. Once a rig has an accepted safety case, it can operate anywherein that jurisdiction without resubmitting the case, assuming it addressed the full range of hazard options. This measure will facilitate greater coordination and efficiency of effort for some functions that apply across the entire incident response. Although different industries have developed different safety case regimes the basic principles are the same. As a guide to assist development of the safety case, operators should take into account that the Department will be inspecting against the safety case to ensure compliance and improvement. The content and level of detail needs to be adequate to gain an appreciation of the drills and exercise processes. Understanding of maes only source control measures are maintained alarp, and choose to improve.

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Your membership is on hold because of a problem with your last payment. Complicating these can gain an express obligation for nopsema guidance. The department of charge and workshop to ensure that the emergency operations to demonstrate that often caused by a list of the form the safety case outline before exploration, notwithstanding montara wellhead platform. Technical report means an internal government working document which is prepared by NOPTA in response to a pipeline licence application and provided to the Joint Authority to guide and assist in the decisionmaking process on a pipeline licence application. Worker representative to become a hazard and gas above subregulationalso requires the case guidance development using sensitivity analysis. HSR place on Health and Safety Committee Is there a need to specify in the legislation that a HSR is guaranteed a place on the HSC if they consent? There needs to be a description of the structural design of the ility, including a discussion of the design values and return periods selected for environmental loadings such as wind, wave and seismic events. SCEs themselves; yet human and organisational factors can support or challenge SCEs. AMSA was instrumental in the IMO acknowledging that FPSOs and FSUs are not subject to the same navigational hazards as oil tankers. APPEA would suggest that regulators consider the adoption of clear, consistent performance reporting around common key performance indicators to enhance visibility to stakeholders of agency performance. SCE, but it does not follow that it is an SCE itself. Locality pay is a supplemental pay amount added to account for regional differences in cost of living, among other factors. The content and level of detail needs to be adequate to gain an appreciation of command structure management processes. In order to achieve the objectives of producing a safety case that accurately reflects the reality of activities and operations on the facility, the operator needs an appropriate level of involvement of members of the workforce. In the UK, Australia, and Norway, duty for assuring risks are reduced to ALARP remains with the entity responsible for creating or controlling the risk. They have regularly been a distraction to the core engineering and focus on well operations. These regulations are intended to make organisers of fifa events aware of their duties and responsibilities before, during and after matches in relation to safety and security at the stadium. Many other terms used in the Program such as ALARP, reasonably satisfied, and acceptable have legally accepted meanings with a basis in case law.

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Regulations explicitly require the safety case to contain a description of rather than the actual system, study or plan. Some stakeholders recommended that NOPSEMA have the right to require an Offshore Project Proposal for exploration activities on a casecase basis, or that NOPSEMA and the proponent should at least consult on the question for exploration activities. State means the State of Western Australia and includes every Minister, agent, agency, department, statutory body corporate and instrumentality thereof and each employee or agent of any of them. Several issues have arisen during inspections that have highlighted a need for such guidance. Similarly, the FSA section should crossreference to the systems descriptions in the SMS section of the safety case for detailed descriptions of organisational or procedural controls. Each performance standard provides the direct link between a comprehensive safety case and applicable maintenance plans providing clearly defined acceptance standards thereby allowing measuring, monitoring, trending, and appropriate corrective actions as necessary. If you believe there are deficiencies, what are they and how should they be addressed? The concordance document is available at: www. Thecontent and level of detail needs to be adequate to gain an appreciation of the records management processes. This approach is consistent with the objects of the WHS Act which include the aim of ensuring that workers and others are provided with the highest level of protection that is reasonably practicable. NOPSEMA received on 22 Nov 2013 Parliament of Western. They noted that the crew did not always identify major hazards and appropriate controls in their THINKplans. Anticipated lapsed time between two consecutive failures of a system when in operation. In addition, consultation requirements by an Offshore Project Proposal should inform titleholders as to relevant persons for Environment Planpreparations. This submission highlights several areas in which the OPGGS regime is deficientwith no objective justification.

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Guidance notes NOPSEMA. Management Support Separate Separate Largely focused on own needs. As part of the Planning Team, assist the Planning Officer in the performance of their duties in relation to the interpretation of existing response plans and the development of incident action plans and related sub plans. NOPSEMA of its functions and policy and strategic matters. NOPSEMA ALARP Guidance note N-04300-GN0166 Rev6 June 2015. The Offshore Project Proposal is roughly equivalent to an EIS under the EPBC Act. BSEE could also track other types of near misses. SCE inspection, maintenance and testing tasks should be aligned to wider inspection, maintenance and testing strategies. Sems rule to proceed with respect of nopsema safety guidance note will all responsible for larger businesses, outlined above is alarp white paper states may wish to. The CSB approach to regulatory analysis and recommendations starts with an examination of key investigative findings and an analysis of whether the applicable regulatory and enforcement regime manifests weaknesses or gaps that were causally related to the incident. Adequacy of streamlining consultation processubmissions noted the short timeframes associated with consultation on the Program, draft Amendment Regulations and draft Strategic Assessment Report. Program uses the language of the EPBC Act and its supporting policy guidance documents. In Norway, the PSA disseminates offshore process safety data through its website, forums, and archives. This has, for example, resulted in inconsistent regulatory requirements for oil spill contingency planning. The average of the total cost was then calculated to give the internal staff average cost per working day. The content and level of detail needs to be adequate to gain an appreciation of the extent to which the study is aligned and consistent with the hazard identification outputs. PREPARING A SUMMARY OF THE EMERGENCY PLAN EARLY IN THE DESIGN PHASE OF THE PROJECT Certain conceptual or detailed design decisions will impact on the emergency plan. Thereafter, the burden of operating safely continues to remain on the parties undertaking the risk, and the regulator will hold thoseparties to the submitted standards in thewrittenfor safety. If the preferred structure is to using appendices, references should be included in this area of the introduction. This provided transparency in groundwater monitoring. This is achieved by employing and maintaining one or more well barrier envelopes. The facility description is not intended to be a simple regurgitation of technical specifications.

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